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How much is dental care in the US generally?

I'm needing to get some dental work done and live in Aus, but I'm travelling back to my hometown in Michigan in a couple of months. I'm just trying to work out if it would be cheaper to do it there.

Has anyone had a root canal therapy and crown done recently, or could anyone direct me to a place where I could find a general idea of prices? I know I'd have to speak to the dentist once I get there to know for sure, but it would help to have a general idea. (If it's generally about the same cost, then I'll just enjoy my holiday and get it done once I get home!)

Depending on what is found in the tooth, I could be looking at a root canal and crown or an extraction and implant.


How much is dental care in the US generally?
I'm a dentist in Texas. Root canals generally run from $700 to 1000, crowns $800-1200. Implants are about $2500-3500(not including the crown that will need to be placed on the implant)
Reply:listen it sounds like you could really save money by doing this. i work for a place that has saved people up tp 80% on dental it would probably be worth it to sign up save ALL that money and then cancel with no problems. I say cancel because it would be worthless to keep it when you go out of the US but its VERY VERY cheap and you would save ALOT of money NO LIE! i can give you more info but i cant solicit here so email me and ill give you all the info and you can see if it would be good for you. But i think its a no brainer in your situation!

email me and ill get you the info

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Can I be refunded for a crown that doesn't fit properly?

I live in NJ. In March 2006 I had a dentist crown one of my teeth. I thought everything was fine, until I went to a new dentist last week. He took the usual several x-rays of my mouth and found a problem with that crown. Apparently,it isn't covering my molar properly and he said that it is imperative that it be replaced before it causes big problems (a future root canal in that tooth). Can I be refunded the money for that crown from the dentist that did it? Do I have ANY recourse?? I don't have dental insurance so I put the previous charges on my Visa card. What can I do - if anything?!?!

Can I be refunded for a crown that doesn't fit properly?
i would make an appt to go see the dentist who placed the crown, take the x-ray with you, simply show him to him/her and ask if there is anything wrong with it? If he has an actual x-ray that he took after placing the crown and it appears the crown was fitting fine and now it's not (he should show you this), then that is different. However, if he never took an x-ray after he placed it and the crown has an open margin, then he should replace it at no charge. If he says nothing is wrong with it, point to where you were told there was a problem and see what he says. Let him know that you are willing to let him re-do the crown, but he most prob won't give you your money back unless you make a really big fuss. Or if you don't trust him to work on you tell him that you are going to have the crown re-done elsewhere and you think it would be ethically responsible of him to cover the bill of the new crown. Just be diplomatic and understand the details of your treatment; the new dentist may be just trying to make a buck as well, be well informed.
Reply:I understand that things pop up while at the dentist, but routine xrays should've been in the first price they quoted me. I don't have dental insurance so when a routine exam goes from $80 to $236 - I was floored! At least if I knew the cost was $236 I would've been prepared! Report It

Reply:Need more details. First of all, why did you go to a new dentist? Did you move?

Do you feel anything is wrong with the crown? Does your bite feel "off"? Can you go back to the dentist who did the crown and ask him/her to look at it? Is it an open margin issue?

Before you go any further, it would be wise to find out exactly what is wrong with the crown. If it turns out there IS something wrong, the original dentist should make it right with you.
Reply:You need to ask for your ex-rays that were taken at the time.It's been a year and you may have had gum recession.Usually when the crown is cemented permanently,they take an x-ray and keep it in the file.Go get the copy of it and show it to your dentist.If he says that it didn't look good at that time,then take some action.But if the crown looked good back then,but it doesn't now i don't think it's the dentist's fault.Good luck.

My permanent Crown broke in less than a month what do I do?

I just paid $1,300 USD for this platinum crown because I heard it was the best and most durable and it just broke in half. I haven't really been eating anything hard like ice I was just eating oatmeal and there it went. I still have the piece that broke any ideas on what I should do? I have had it for less than a month and I don't have a dental plan (altough I am looking if you have any suggestions please tell me) so I would hope I don't have to buy another. Any ideas?

My permanent Crown broke in less than a month what do I do?


Reply:It should be replaced for free. Call your dentist.
Reply:ask for a replacement or a refund
Reply:The dentist who put it in should back up his/her work %26amp; replace/repair for free. That's too much money to pay %26amp; have it fall out so soon.

Dental implants, anyone?

What I need is advice from someone, who has had experience with a dental implant. My research on the subject has yielded nothing but the highest praise for this state-of-the-art dental technique. Nevertheless, I'm still a bit sceptical. The problem is that I should decide by tomorrow, whether to choose an implant (molar), or root canal therapy and a double crown. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Dental implants, anyone?
The root canal has its advantages, in that treatment can be completed in less time on your part. However, if you have lots of time and are willing to go throught the extra expense now and implant is a great option. why can't you get the RCT and Crown now? and the implant in 15 years or so when the crown and tooth fail? Nothing last for ever, But impants are getting very predicable.

One bit of advice Molars implants take time. don't rush the dentist to place your implant too soon. Give it at least 4 months. Unless your dentist has placed thousands of implants. He should give it about 4 months (preferably 6) between extraction and implant placement.
Reply:I had a root canal that was done 20 years ago and it went bad as all root canals do over time. I then got a implant which I have had for 3 years. Implants are permanent as they use a stell rod drilled into your bone. Plus, they are super strong and look just like your other teeth. They do cost a little more but trust me, they are worth it. Get the implant.
Reply:I have contracts with doctors offices and one of them is a own opinion is that you would be better off with the implants, less work, less pain! However, since I am not an expert in this area I could always get you the number for the doctor.
Reply:There is enough implants out here as it is. I would suggest doing it the natural way which is the root canal. What people today fail to realize is the reverse affects of implants can be detrimental You have to think about the long term affects as well.
Reply:Defenetly get the implant done!!!! I had to make the same decision 6 years ago. My dentist explained to me both ways. I know the implants are far more expensive, but it is worth it.If you think long term, it isn' t more expensive, because you have the implants for life! I heard people with the root canal have had many problems after a few years, didn't hear anything bad about the implants yet. Go to your dentist, he/she will explain to you how the implants are fixed in your mouth. You might find it a bit disgusting, but you will have no pain. I didn't even had pain after the operation. It is really like your own teeth. You can eat and bite anything. My personal opinion, I think the implants are the business!!! Go for it!
Reply:Well it's all up to how strong your jaw is to take the implant. The root canal would suggest may be not. Decaying teeth rot it. Ask your dentist if they think your jaw is up to it. If you can save the tooth with a crown do it (that's my view on the matter) Save the implant until you really need it
Reply:I don't think you should do the implant if you can save the tooth but what exactly is a "double crown"?

In the right hands a root canal will last decades, if not forever.

I do implants and I would only do if there were no other option.If the end result with a root canal is doubtful then it may be better to extract it but just to do the implant to save time is a stupid choice.Implants are not without problems and they tend to be bigger problems .

The problem is too many dentists want to do implants for the wrong reasons which gives us all a bad reputation just 'cos they need to send their kids to college.

I hope you make the right choice but a full assessment is needed to give you really useful advice which I can't give you at this moment in time.
Reply:Dental Implants are a very predictable alternative for the replacement of teeth. Sometimes, however, a traditional three unit fixed bridge is just as good. It depends on the health of the adjacent teeth (if there are any!)

Dental implants range in price - depending on the implant system and the type of prosthetic attachments (custom vs prefab) shop around... make sure your getting a good bang for your buck and that your treating dentist's are properly trained and have experience in placing and restoring the implants... write back for specifics if you like...

Some dental advice, please?

I'm having severe tooth pain, and I'm really worried. I Don't have dental insurance, and when I saw a dentist this past summer, he said I needed a root canal/crown. I went to talk to the receptionist and she told me I was looking at 2500. There were also 2 others that were in that kind of shape that i had seen and the dentist said there was even another that i haven't felt yet. I really can't afford that, and the care credit? My estimate was 300 for the next 5 years.

I know this is a lot to ask, but please no "well, you have to forget about the money and go for your health......" There is just no way, okay?

I'm about to head off to Mexico to get my teeth fixed, if someone can't give me some other kind of advice. I DO know I need to have this done, but its something i cannot foresee when the amount of the work I need done equals the cost of a new (Ford) car.

I don't need advice on taking care of them, either. I brush 2-3 times a day, I'm addicted to floss-picks.

Some dental advice, please?
Okay first...I went to two dentists and both told me I needed a root canal. I am from a small town living in the city. I went to my dentist from my home town and turns out I didnt need a root canal. He informed me that dentists at times say you need stuff when you really dont. How would you really know if you needed it anyway, youre not a dentist. How convenient. Make sure you actually need one. If you really do, please dont go to Mexico. Most dental or any medical office have payment plans. They can set you up. In most cases they will take what you can pay them each month. As long as its a worthy amount. Most places will work with you if it comes to money.
Reply:I'm not sure what you mean by "care credit," but have you tried looking into dental schools? Many times, they will do procedures for cheaper than a regular dentist office.
Reply:ok dont go to mexico. First get dental insurance, meanwhile to deal with the pain take motrin or any over the counter pain reliever.
Reply:Mexico IS a good choice should be able to get good care at an affordable price and hopefully you can write off all associated costs on taxes for medical expense as you're really forced to do that.

The dental school idea is legit but I don't know about making appointments--I think they do but I fear they're months out because the need is so great. Only other thing to do is to shop around for the cheapest dentist. I have dental problems with no insurance and I found a dentist who does the whole shebang on a crown for $500--the visits, the crown, adjustment if necessary. That's very reasonable as that would be the co-pay or less if I had insurance which I couldn't afford anyway. No idea about what a root canal would cost, but would be comparably cheap I should think.

Another thought is to look for a brand new dentist--starting up they tend to offer lower prices as they need clients. He might be able to offer you a payment plan--may even need a bit of help with the business--maybe you can do something as a bit of a barter? Trying hard to think of anything that could work as I DO feel your pain quite literally and wish you good luck.

BTW, get hooked on chewing gum with XYLITOL--helps reduce dental carries which COULD be a factor with your problems. I think there may be other things you could do, perhaps calcium supplements? to help reduce future problems.

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I have been in the dental profession for 26 years, i need a change what career would best suit me?

I love people, I am a happy person, I get results. I am agressive,I am a thinker. I know about insurances,I prefer to be left alone to do my job, I am a self starter.I am a team player. I 've done banking, Quick books input invoices, and paying invoices. collections from insurance companies for outstanding payments. I have posted payments to patients accounts, sent out monthly bills to patients. I can type 45 wpm or so.I've ran monthly reports, I worked closely with accountants. Managed a large successful dental practice. Kept up with monthly budgets. Made collection calls,sent letters, delt with patients problems. Assisted dentist with patients, as a dental assistant, took xrays,charted problems, assisted with general dentistry, root canal, surgery. I am what you would call expanded function dental assistant, which mean, after the dentist numbed the patient he drilled the tooth for filling,crown,etc. I would finish the job, which was valuable to the dentist and his time. order supply

I have been in the dental profession for 26 years, i need a change what career would best suit me?
Human Resource Officer...IT INVOLVES all of your listed assist with out looking in peoples mouths.
Reply:I think you should go back to college and become a full fledged dentist.
Reply:Become a mortician. It's fun!
Reply:work sucks- join me in the dumpster behind your building.

Dental Question? I got my two front crowns put in today and...?

They are not the same shade as my other teeth. They are a tad bit darker and a tad bit yellower. I could not see this in the dentists office with the lighting in there. Now what??? They are permanently cemented in. Is there anything that can be done?

Dental Question? I got my two front crowns put in today and...?
Crowns will look different in various lighting. Dental offices usually have natural lighting [looks like fluorescent, but its not], so the crowns probably looked perfect there. If ur not happy, call them and ask what can be done. Are u sure they are cemented permanently, or just with a temporary cement? They will probably come up with a whitening solution, that will whiten your natural teeth. That should have been an option b4 hand. Good luck
Reply:You can ask your dentist, or use a whiting paste or wash. I've never had them but my friend did and they did look yellow or not normal, so i think they will just have to stay like that =)
Reply:Tell em they screwed up your teeth and you want your money back! And if they don't help or give your money back ummm try some bleaching(they should give cuz they screwed ur teeth up) or some Crest whiting strips!
Reply:When it comes to crowns there is no such thing as permanent. If the color is off go back to the dentist and point it out to him or her...In most cases there are one or two reasons crowns don't match the natural teeth...(1) The dentist failed to provide the dental ceramist the proper shade number or (2) the ceramist failed to match the shade number he or she was given...In any event you are entitled to crowns that properly match the surrounding natural teeth...It's not magic and it's not impossible, some one simply goofed. There is the possibility that the colors of the walls in the dentist exam room wasn't conducive to being able to select proper tooth shades for crowns...If necessary have him look at the difference in-outside light, pick the proper shade in that setting and "remake" the crowns....I was a ceramist for 22 years and I know what I'm talking about.
Reply:When restoring front teeth with crowns or veneers, it's very challenging to get the color right, when facing such scenario, a lot of dentists try to restore 6 front teeth together with Veneers/crowns to make sure color matches.

The fact that your crowns looked ok in the dentist office, and different color later (at home?) is due to the fact that crown's porcelain reaction to the amount of UV in the lighting is different than your natural teeth under different lighting conditions, and even the best matching crown will show this kind of shade discrepancy under different lighting, it's simply the porcelain fluorescence under UV light. most dental offices have corrected light that simulate the sun polychromatic light, including UV, just to get to as accurate shade match as possible.

Without getting into these details, to solve this problem you have 3 solutions:

1) Understand the limitation of restorative dentistry and try to ignore the fact your teeth color doesn't match properly, and simply live with it.

2) Try to restore the adjacent teeth with veneers/crowns that matches the shade picked for these 2 crowns, this is the most expensive option, and probably the most aggressive as well, but usually guarantee the best cosmetic outcome, your dentist might elect to remake these 2 crowns to achieve better color match.

3) Remake these 2 crowns only, and ask your dentist for a custom shade match, the lab tech will come over to pick the shade of your teeth by himself for little extra charge. From my experience, it's really hard to achieve this kind of accuracy, unless you are working with a high end lab tech who has good experience with cosmetic dentistry, and sadly not too many of those exist.

I would pick option 1 if the color difference is not that bad, if it's really bothering you or the color is way far off, try changing the 2 crowns only. Otherwise you are left off with the extreme smile make over option.

Hope that helped.

Good Luck

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